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In the next section, we will look at three alternative ways to find a property in Kigali, as well as different rent pricing categories and utilities prices.

Finding a House

In Rwanda, finding the correct residence is critical to one’s quality of life. Using experienced real estate brokers or wandering through neighbourhoods are two of the three approaches to find a house. Professional brokers provide excellent service but charge greater fees in the form of commissions and flat fees. Regular brokers have more negotiating power and can organise visits via phone numbers provided. Walking through neighbourhoods is a less expensive option, although it may take more time and patience.

 Housing Prices:

House rent in Kigali falls into four categories:

  • $500 – $2000: Upscale houses in nice neighbourhoods, available furnished or unfurnished.
  • $150 – $500: Smaller houses or properties outside the city.
  • $70 – $150: Basic, smaller houses often referred to as ‘ghettos.’
  • Below $70: Small houses in impoverished areas.


All utilities in Rwanda are prepaid, and the monthly costs include:

UtilitiesPrice Range
Electricity$10-$30 paid through monitors outside houses.
Cooking Gas$5-$10
Garbage Tax$2-$5
Security Tax$2-$5.
Total Utility Costs$16-$65 per month

Property owners pay annual property taxes and building value taxes:

  • Property Tax: Varies from $0-$0.30 per square metre depending on location.
  • Building Value Tax: 1% of the current market value of the house, phased in over four years.

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