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Investment opportunities for the diaspora

DHM is your gateway to investing in your home country of Rwanda. DHM shows you the best investment opportunities in different sectors with immediate, short-term, or long-term profitability. With DHM, you do not have to take the flight and come to Rwanda to launch your business directly because this will cost you and start to spend your capital. This will make you weak enough to start your business project. To be successful in your investment project, DHM will advise you to first look at the following sectors which offer comfortable profit margins and are easy to manage:

Here are the five key sectors:

  1. Real Estate
    The real estate sector is the best sector where investments must be made at all costs because there is too much demand for housing given the growth in the population of Kigali and elsewhere in the six cities chosen as secondary cities to the capital of Rwanda, which continues to increase from year to year. The price per m2 of land increases every year. Investing in this sector is very profitable and does not require your permanent presence because you can easily manage your real estate while in the country where you reside.
  2. Transportation
    The transport sector is also a sector that has potential in terms of immediate profitability. The population has difficulty moving around the city of Kigali and in the provinces because of the very low number of public transport vehicles. Investing in transport will give you the opportunity to manage your business without being present all the time. All you need to do is set up a discontinuous monitoring system using technology, and you can easily make your investment profitable. very short-term.
  3. Agriculture
    The agriculture sector is one of the most promising sectors for investments in Rwanda? This sector occupies 70% of Rwanda’s economy. The sector constantly needs new investments to modernize agriculture. The Rwandan Government has made every effort to facilitate investors to easily invest in this sector, many financial incentives are available to investors and other facilities of all kinds. DHM advises the Diaspora to enter this very profitable sector, for example by developing projects in coffee, Tea, rice, pepper, vegetables, and especially fruits which are extremely and quickly profitable.
  4. Livestock
    DHM also advises the Diaspora to invest in the livestock sector because this sector is very far from reaching a satisfactory level because it is not industrialized enough, yet Rwandans like to eat meat. The tourism sector which has seen the construction of hotels increase dramatically, especially in the high end to attract more and more wealthy tourists to Rwanda, needs this sector so much. All these hotels need to consume local meat such as chicken, goat, cow, pork, etc. Etc. Do not hesitate to ask DHM to support you so that you can carry out your investment project in livestock farming.
  5. Technology
    Rwanda is developing economically at a rapid speed, it is even very remarkable from abroad. To support this rapid development movement, DHM encourages you to embrace investment in the technology sector. Why invest in the technology sector? The modernity and smartness of KIGALI city. Kigali’s transport sector is rapidly upgrading because of the use of technology. Banking, health, education, and administration sectors all constantly need the latest generation of Technology.
  6. DHM is ready to support you if you are inspired to invest in this sector, such as creating
  7. applications that can be a solution to the different sectors of the Rwandan economy.