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Do you want to buy a house or apartment in Rwanda?

Quickly reach out to the DHM real estate expert team; they will support you in finding your dream house. First, we recommend you visit the DHM website, where you can search for a house for sale or rent. Make a choice, and then our professional real estate team will assist you in the buying process. you do not need a flight to come

If you want to buy a house in Rwanda, DHM offers you the following services:

1st Step: The signing of a contract between you and DHM, which gives us a mandate to find a house for you.

  1. DHM will use all means to find your dream house. During this process, DHM will be in constant communication to offer you the different houses so that you can make your choice.
  2. Once you have made a choice about the house, DHM will prepare the sale contract between you and the property owner. DHM will also help you negotiate the best price in your favor.
  3. On the financial side, you can buy 100% with your financial means. But you can also apply for a mortgage loan from a bank to finance part of your property. In this case, DHM will assist you in choosing a bank that can offer you a mortgage at a good interest rate and flexible conditions.
    Do you want to sell your property in Rwanda?
    It’s very simple: contact the DHM, then provide them with all the information about your house. Give DHM a mandate to go ahead and sell your house. Give us your opinion and price, but in case you don’t have one, DHM’s expert team will do an assessment quickly to give a real estimate of the value of your home. DHM will use all the marketing strategies necessary to find potential clients. Then DHM will also assist you from the beginning until the end of the process of selling your house:

Briefly, DHM offers you the following services:

  1. Make a property valuation of your home with certified valuers
  2. Make a house inspection to assess what is missing or renovate so that the house can be sold at the best possible price.
  3. Prepare and sign the contract with the mandated DHM to sell your home. DHM will use all necessary marketing strategies to bring potential clients to your home.
  4. Once the house is sold, DHM will have to follow the transfer procedure from the previous property owner to the new property owner, also ensuring that the transaction was done in a good way as made in the sales contract between the property owner and the buyer of the house.

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