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About Us

We are the best and trusted in Real Estate

Diaspora Home Management is a private investment advisory firm for the Rwandan Diaspora. After a deep understanding of difficulties encountered by diasporas in acquiring different services in their home country Rwanda, with an experienced and qualified management team constituted by former members of the Diaspora for 30 years, DHM was created in 2017 to enable the Diaspora to overcome these difficulties, by facilitating the access to services in the country without having to make the trip and incur sometimes unnecessary expenses.

We aim to serve as a bridge between Rwandan Diasporas and Rwanda. We have developed a network of crucial resources and grouped data, including an analysis of investment opportunities, information on various administrative and financial services focused on the needs of the Diaspora.

Our Mission

Offer all the services that the Rwandan Diaspora needs, but especially in the real estate and banking sector.

DHM Ltd wants to be a bridge between Rwandans living abroad and their native country, which is Rwanda, to make it easier for them to get all they need without having to make the trip and engage in sometimes unnecessary expenses. Saving time and money should be invested in other projects for the economic development of their country.

What we do

We offer a wide range of services for the Rwandan Diaspora, from expert assistance in real estate matters to facilitating the acquisition of essential local administration certificates.

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Meet with our experienced team

Dieudonné Ntasinzira

CEO & Founder

Placide Habumugisha

Business Development Manager

Arthur Bimana

Real Estate Expert

Ange Irakoze

Social Media Manager

Bruce Mugwaneza

Web Developer

Robert Twagiramungu


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